ACF Secretary

Carole Galli

Dear All The issue of AICC is on the agenda for the Executive Meeting and also the joint meeting with CCCA. Some of our breeders are being duped into purchasing cats from AICC members with the promise that they are legitimate because they are a member of the WCF. Neither ACF or CCCA recognise AICC in any way. We do not accept their pedigrees. WCF has been suspended from the World Cat Congress for 12 months following a substantiated complaint from ACF that they had accepted AICC which is the same group expelled from ACF as TFA, then renamed and constituted as a ‘new ‘group. Can I suggest that as an interim measure all Affiliates post a warning on your websites or send a notice to members to advise that pedigrees will not be recognised for cats purchased from AICC members. I am aware that COAWA and QICC both have members who have purchased from AICC and I have also had an enquiry from CAT about their status. Regards Carole Galli ACF Secretary (emailed to CATS NSW Secretary J.Weekes Thursday 18th May 2017)
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