Garry Stephens 

Companion Judge

I have been a Companion Cat Judge since 2000 and really enjoy judging this group.

In 1983 I began showing two Burmese cats, originally purchased as pets and in that year one of them – Amaryllis Meggie won RAS Shorthair Spay Cat of the Year.

So started my involvement in cat showing and breeding, and a little later Show Management and Club Administration. 

Whilst I have specialized in Burmese and more recently in Maine Coons, my experience as a Show Steward since 1986 has given me a good appreciation of all breeds.

I firmly believe that good health and temperament are essential to making a good pet as well as a good show cat.

This was my prime motivation in becoming a Companion Cat Judge where cleanliness, condition, appearance, and temperament are the key judging criteria.


ACF Panel: No

02 4574 3192

Sydney (SYD)