Helena Sugar

Cadet Judge (and Cats NSW President)

I became involved in the Cat Fancy 15 years ago when I began showing a pet quality Devon Rex.

After a few shows it became evident that this was a serious game and something that I wanted to be involved in. I purchased a show quality Devon Rex and continued on from there.

I became an accredited steward in 2010, moving into show organisation and management over the following years. 

I am currently the President of Cats NSW Inc.

I continue to breed the Devon Rex cat, my heart breed, and will never move away from breeding them as they are my passion. I strive for excellence in the breed.

I am one of the foundation breeders of the Peterbald cat, importing the 2nd and 3rd male Peterbald into Australia from Russia as studs for the breeding programme. and achieving excellent results with several Supreme in Show, Cat of the Year, winner of Best Overall Cat in Show at the Sydney Royal Easter Show, twice in our short time presenting this rare breed to the show bench.

I have bred and still own Maine Coon cats, no longer in a breeding programme with me but still continuing to be a part of my life.