• About CATS NSW

CATS NSW is a cat governing body in New South Wales and the ACT and proudly affiliated with the Australian Cat Federation Inc.

Mission Statement

CATS NSW is a progressive, welcoming, non-profit organisation and our key mission is to promote the welfare of all cats, responsible and ethical breeding of pedigreed cats, and the showing of pedigreed cats and de-sexed domestic cats.

As a governing body, CATS NSW offers its Clubs and breeders advice and guidance where possible. The Committee of CATS NSW meets on a monthly basis to discuss current issues affecting Clubs, breeders and the wider cat fancy, and effectively manage our organisation.

Our Constitution

The Constitution is the set of rules that governs how Cats NSW works. It defines what the components of Cats NSW are, what powers they have, and how they are applied. To view the Constitution of Cats NSW here.

Our Committee

President: Helena Sugar (email: president@catsnsw.com.au)
Senior Vice President: Tony Hurry
Junior Vice President:
Secretary: Rebekah Darmody (email: secretary@catsnsw.com.au)
Membership Secretary: Di Stokes
(email: membership@catsnsw.com.au)
Treasurer: Suzie Hudson (email: treasurer@catsnsw.com.au)
Registrar: Fiona Cooper (email: registrar@catsnsw.com.au)
A.C.F. Delegate: Helena Sugar (email: acfdelegate@catsnsw.com.au)
Affiliate Delegates: Sharon Black, Wendy Newton, Sue Molloy

Committee Members

Di Stokes, Jeanette Rossiter, Hazel Rossiter, Ben White, Renee Bont
(Email: committee@catsnsw.com.au)


Sponsorship Secretaries: Helena Sugar & Di Stokes


CATS NSW is proudly affiliated with :

  • The Siamese Cat Society
  • Borderline Cats
  • Cool Country Cat Club
  • Abyssinian Breeders Club of Australia
  • Western Districts Cat Society

We conduct a number of All Breeds Championship Cat Shows. Please refer to our show calendar for these upcoming events.

Click here to see the current list of ACF Affiliates


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CATS NSW welcomes new enquiries for membership. Please email our Membership Secretary for further information or to download the form click here.


We first began in 2013 and the majority of our members have been involved in breeding and showing cats for over twenty years.
During this time we have developed enduring relationships extending not just across Australia and New Zealand, but around the world.

Promoting the ethics and values of CATS NSW isn’t possible without the valued support of our sponsors so if you would like become involved in a growing, reputable and fun loving organisation such as CATS NSW email our Sponsorship Secretary direct – click here.

Our Sponsors

CATS NSW is honoured to have CATMATE as our major Corporate and exclusive litter sponsor.

We are also extremely fortunate to count the following companies as valued sponsors of CATSNSW:

Eye Envy
Animal DNA Laboratory
Royal Canin
Rosettes and Ribbons by Di
Bio Natural Solutions

Like to Sponsor CATSNSW ?

Would you like to be a part of the fastest growing Cat Fancy in NSW?
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If you are interested in purchasing a pedigreed kitten please refer to our Breeders page. All our Breeders abide by the Breeders Code of Ethics and offer sound and healthy kittens for sale.


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