Alison Moore

Group 1

I have always been surrounded by animals, with cats first entering my life at age 16 when a beautiful young cat gave birth to 5 kittens in a sack of concrete in my father’s shed.

Two of those kittens stayed with our family, and having moved to the ACT some years later, I was again keen for feline company. I purchased a blue point Birman as a pet in 1992 and my journey in the Cat Fancy began.

Having tasted success in the household pet section of local shows, I obtained a chocolate point female Birman and joined the Majik prefix in 1993.

I have bred Birmans exclusively since that time, establishing the Birali prefix in 2002 and enjoyed success in the show ring, featuring in many Cat of the Year awards.

I have held various Committee positions on the Birman Cat Club of Canberra for many years, and participated in all aspects of Managing and running cat shows for over 25 years, including the Royal Canberra Show.

I qualified as a Steward in 1993 and have had the pleasure of being invited to steward at several National Shows and the Sydney Easter Royal Show.

I undertook the role of Chief Steward at the ACF National Show in Sydney in 2018.

I joined Cats NSW in 2014 and am now seeking to qualify as a judge, starting with Group 1.