Hazel Rossiter

Groups 1, 2 & 3 (All Breeds Judge)

Since my childhood I have had animals in my life and it was inevitable that I would be involved with them as an adult. I have owned and successfully shown Labrador Retrievers in the U.K.

In the early eighties I left the Channel Islands and emigrated to Australia with my family and my two Labradors. After thoroughly enjoying showing my dogs in the UK I then decided to look at the various cat breeds.

I purchased two Siamese cats as pets in 1986 and this was invariably my introduction to the Cat Fancy. I have bred and shown Burmese, Siamese, and Oriental Shorthairs and have had considerable success under the “Ahzel” prefix. 

I have also owned a Devon Rex and our household currently includes a Scottish Fold plus British Shorthairs which I currently show. Not to forget our domestics which I have rescued and welcomed into our home, whilst they do not have a pedigree there is a place for them at shows and I take great pleasure in judging them and giving them awards.

I have been actively involved in numerous clubs and have held various positions of Secretary of the Burmese Cat Society of A/Asia and President of the Oriental Cat Club of NSW.

I gained my group 3 judges licence with NSW CFA in 1999 and became an all shorthair judge in 2004. Having moved to ANCATS in 2006 I attained my group 1.

Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines

ACF Panel: Yes

0413 720 569

Airport: Sydney (SYD)