Jenny Weekes

Groups 1, 2 & 3 (All Breeds Judge)

I have owned cats my entire life, starting with farm cats as a child. I purchased my first pet Birman in 1990 and my first breeding Birman in 1994 . With my husband Greg we have bred Birmans in Canberra, Townsville, Wellington (NZ) on the Gold Coast and now at Murrumbateman.

My first prefix – Kachin was granted in Canberra in 1994 and my current prefix – Sunsoar was granted in 1997. We have achieved many major awards at specialist and All Breed shows including Birman Cat Fanciers Qld. Best Female Kitten 2008 and 2010 and Supreme Exhibit 2010 and 2012.

On the Gold Coast in 2006 I was able to commence training to become a judge and gained my Companion Cat licence in 2007 with QFA, followed by a Group 1 (Longhair) licence in 2009.

 I became an All Breeds Judge in 2014.

While living in New Zealand I developed the quarterly magazine, Flash Cats which I continued to edit for several years after returning to Australia.

Prior to moving to Murrumbateman, I held various positions including the Secretary of QFA Inc., Secretary of the Birman Cat Fanciers of Qld Club and President of the Gold Coast Cat Club.

Greg and I are enjoying our life in Murrumbateman and share our home with our Birmans and our new pets, two Alpacas Cherokee and Warlock.

Aside from my cat related activities I enjoy patchwork quilting, web site development, travelling and spending time with the grandchildren.

New Zealand, Malaysia and Indonesia

ACF Panel: Yes

0400 210 857

02 6227 5616

Airport: Canberra ACT (CBR)