2024 Shows & Events

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Organisation & Details

Venue & Judges



Sunday 11th February

Cats NSW Inc.

Panthers North Richmond.
Judges: R1Marg Sim (Cats NSW), R2 Peta Sperduty (Cats NSW), R3 Alison Moore (Cats NSW) & Jenny Weekes (Cats NSW). 

Saturday 9th March

Cool Country Cat Club
Three Ring All Breeds & Companions Championship Cat Show plus specialty Curly and Naked Ring (Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Selkirk Rex, LaPerm, Lykoi, Peterbald, Sphynx) 

Jerrabomberra Community Centre
Judges: R1 Meryle Frame, R2 Cindy Grimes, R3 Shara McKay (Cats NSW), R4 & Specialty Ring Marg Sim (Cats NSW) 


Friday 29th March


RAS Information for Exhibitors

Sydney Royal Easter Show
23/03/24 International Cats Australia Inc-Championship Show
24/03/24 Cat Breed Display Day
29/03/24 Cats NSW -Championship Show
30/03/24 Australian National Cats Inc (ANCATS) -Championship Show
NSW Cat Fanciers’ Association Inc -Championship Show

Homebush Precinct
Judges: R1  Asa Broing (TICA Sweden), R2 Janis Christison (QFA), R3 Nick Tricarico  (GCCFV), T4 Geoff Beckett (FCCV)

Saturday 13th April
Show Processing:
S. Greentree
6 Jenkyn Place Bligh Park
NSW 2756
Mob 0499 525 622 

Ku-Ring-Gai Himalayan

5 Ring All Breeds Pedigree & Companion Championship Cat Show

Panthers North Richmond.
Judges: R1 Diane Davidson (NZ Cat Fancy), R2 Michelle Hinder (FASA), R3 Shara McKay (Cats NSW Inc), R4 Marg Sim (Cats NSW Inc), R5 Alison Moore (Cats NSW Inc), G1 and Companions R5 Jenny Weekes (Cats NSW Inc) G2 and 3 Supreme in Ring. 

Saturday 11th May

Cats NSW Inc.

Panthers North Richmond.
Judges: R1 Rod Uren (FCCV), R2 Allan Davies (CQI), R3 Deb Cameron 



Saturday 8th – Sunday 9th June



ACF National Show (6 Rings)

Hawkesbury Showground
Judges – International: Chloe Chung (CFA Hong Kong), Michael Schleissner (CFA Germany), Jennifer Reding (CFA USA), Michelle Macgrath (NZCF), Paul Henry (NZCF), Helene Lis (FIFE Sweden)
Judges -Interstate: Barbara La Rocca (QFA), Marisa Thistlewaite (QFA), Nadine Savage (QFA), Kerry Fowler (GCCFV), Carole Galli (Cats WA)



Saturday 29th June

Western Districts Cat Society

Hawkesbury Showground
Judges: R1 , R2 , R3, TBA



Saturday 27th July

Tamworth & District Cat Club

Judges: R1 , R2 , R3, R4 TBA



Saturday 31st August

Borderline Cat Club

Judges: R1 , R2 , R3, TBA



Sunday 15th September

Cats NSW Inc.

Panthers North Richmond.
Judges: R1 Grp.1 Crystal Maher (Cats NSW), R1 Grp 2. & Grp.3 Bronwyn Townshend-Main (NZCF), R2 Wendy Hamilton (Cats NSW), R3 (Grp.1 TBA) Grp.2 & Grp.3 Troy Willems (FCCV) 



Saturday 12th October

Cats NSW Inc.

Panthers North Richmond.
Judges: R1 Wendy Heidt (CFA USA), R2 Belinda Pengilis (FCCQ), R3 Tony Hurry  (Cats NSW), R3 Maureen Norberry  (NSWCFA) 



Saturday 2nd November 

Cats NSW Inc.

Panthers North Richmond.
Judges: R1 Marisa Thislewaite (QFA), R2 Sandra Dukes (Cats NSW), R2 Wendy Hamilton (Cats NSW). R3 Deb Cameron (Cats NSW) 



Saturday 24th November 

Cats NSW AGM & Cat and Kitten of the Year Awards

Panthers North Richmond.